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About Coaching

Coaching can do a lot.


The key to many of the challenges we all face often lies in us being disconnected from our intuition, i.e. our "inner wisdom". It is our innate ability to make decisions and find solutions that are best aligned with our 'true self' and our personal vision of a values-led, and therefore healthy, life. Our intuition enables us to be authentic and to recognize that the answers and guidance we seek are often hidden within ourselves.

Coaching can be an essential catalyst for unlocking this 'inner wisdom'. It can help us to boost our self-confidence by learning to rely (again) on our own judgement. This makes us less dependent on the validation of others and the provision of external advice - which often does not fit our unique and very personal 'ecosystem'.


How can Coaching do that?

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Coaching focuses on increasing self-awareness, self-analysis, and introspection.

When we take time to think about, for example, ourselves, our feelings, attitudes, judgements, decisions, values, beliefs or emotions, we see things from a different perspective. In this way, we gain self-knowledge and insight. We can find ways to better understand ourselves and our "ecosystem". This is the first step in addressing what we want to achieve or change in our lives.


Coaching can support us in reviving, renewing or reestablishing important aspects of our life or self.

When we (re)connect with our intuition, we learn to trust our "inner wisdom" (again). Often, all the answers are already within us; our mind just usually finds reasons not to trust them. If we trust ourselves, we can make decisions that are more in line with our needs and beliefs. We see more clearly what is important to us in life and (re)discover our passion for dreams that we thought we had lost along the way.

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Coaching can help us to find the solutions that suit us best through our own efforts.

You are the most important person on this journey. Before you start your dive, and just as a diver must be ready to dive, you must be ready to set the path to your desired future and depths. You decide for yourself what works best, because you are the expert on your own life. 


This self-directed approach ensures that insights, goals, and results are not only sustainable, but also satisfy our sense of autonomy. They make the journey to personal development both meaningful and self-empowering. 

My role

During our "dive", my role is to guide you - much like a diving instructor - through the depths of your journey of discovery. 

I will ensure that you can move flexibly and openly in a partnership process, free flowing in a space that is customised, exclusive and above all safe. The coaching techniques and interventions we will use will be tailored to you and your preferred way of exploration. My goal is to guide you in finding ways to create your life above the "sea surface" the way you want it to be.

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Parthena Intze, 
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Coaching according to ICF 

Coaches certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) are characterised by a binding commitment to ethics, partnership and professionalism. This gives you the assurance that you are working with a coach who fulfils high standards and is committed to your success and well-being. The competency framework set out by the ICF ensures that I have the skills and abilities to deliver effective coaching services.

To find out more, visit the ICF homepage.

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